II.Choose the correct item.

1.The old Victorian building has been___ to its original condition.

a)redecorated b) restored c)refurbished d) renovated

2.Anita is always willing to___ an ear when I’ve got a problem.

a)give b) provide c) offer d) lend

3.Pete had___ in his stomach the whole time.

a) birds b) butterflies c) flies d) insects

4. He can’t help___ slowly.

a) speaking b) to speak c) speak d) to be speaking

5.He___ to Malta next month.

a) will have gone b) goes c) be going d) is going

6.We’re looking forward__ Mr. Brown.

a)meeting b) meet c) to meeting d)be meeting

7.He put a lot of___ into the project.

a) exertion b)sweat c) effort d) struggle

8.I’ll drop you a ___ when I arrive.

a) letter b) line c) note d) memo

9.The rainforest is___ to many species of birds and animals.

a)place b) house c) home d) hotel

10.There are lots of___ shops to look in.

Popular b) style c) fashion d) trendy

III. Fill in the correct question tags.

1.They bought some flowers,___?

2.He hasn’t called yet,___?

3.Ann looks tired,___?

4.Stop talking,___?

5.Let’s have dinner together,___?

6.He will keep our secret,___?

7.You booked the tickets,___?

8.We are going out tonight,___?

9.Dad will be on time,___?

10.She won’t forget,___?

IV.Fill in the correct word derived from the word in bold.

The____ of new technology has helped us a lot. introduce
The springs have been used for___for years. relax
He was found___ of theft. guilt
This place is one of the country’s___holiday resorts. favour
Measures should be taken to help the ___of crime. prevent
Fill your full name in the ___form. apply
Did you have any___ doing the exercise? difficult
It’s___ to cross a street without looking both ways. danger
He likes___ music. tradition
Drain the vegetables___. thorough




V.Complete the second sentence using the word in bold.You must use two to five words including the word given. Don’t change the word given.

1.The cupboards are practically empty.

hardly There____________in the cupboards.

2.That’s the garage where they fixed Ann’s car.

had Ann___________at that garage.

3.There are only a few strawberries left.

many There _____________left.4.”Why don’t we go to the park?” Tony said.suggested Tony__________to the park.


5.”Are you interested in biology?” Laura asked Tim.if Laura_________interested in biology.

6.She didn’t study enough so she failed the test.

have She________the test if she had studied enough.

7.I wish she hadn’t misbehaved in class.

rather I_________misbehaved in class.

8.He’s tired of Ann’s lies.

fed He________lies.

9.He was the only one who didn’t call.

apart Everyone________him.

10.The book he is working on will be finished by the end of next month.

have He______________book by the end of next month.


  • 1d, 2a, 3b, 4a, 5b, 6c, 7c, 8c, 9c, 10d.
    1. Did they?
    2. Has he?
    3. Doesn't she?
    4. Will you?
    5. Shall we?
    6. Will he?
    7. Did you?
    8. Are we?
    9. Will he?
    10. Will she?
    IV. Introduction, relaxation, guilty, favourite, prevention, application, difficulties, dangerous, traditional, thoroughly.
    V. 1. There is hardly anything in the cupboards. 2. Ann had her car fixed at that garage. 3. There aren't many strawberries left. 4. Tony suggested we go to the park. 5. Laura asked if Tim was interested in biology. 6. She would have passed the test if she had studied enough. 7. I'd rather she hadn't misbehaved in class. 8. He is fed up with Ann's lies. 9. Everyone called apart of him. 10. He will have book finished by the end of next month.