• Peter - is wavy parrot that 4 years. Grass-green color, with blue voskovitsey and calm character. From birth, we did not know how to keep parrots, and so Peter grew by our rules. He was hand-in 5 months, and now it is completely pet. Surprisingly I know about all of your pet. His favorite color is green, favorite food: chicken leg (although some sources says that parrots do not eat chicken), a favorite place: the head of the host (ie, mine). And the most interesting thing that Petrushka defies logic. In books written one, but Peter does things differently. For example: In the book it is written that budgies can not accustomed to any kind of action (for example, "to say hi when comes to man"). The book is written that there is no part of parrots of the brain that is responsible for this action. But Peter, as soon as I enter the room and say to him, "Hello", he immediately said to me "hello." And when I say goodbye to him, he tells me, "Repent." How to explain it?

  • I think, that parrots make bad pets. Of course, they are exotic animals, so in a flat they feel sick. Besides, a parrot must be fed with a special fodder to be healthy. But in fact, not many people can afford it. So, I am sure, it is definitely not a good idea, to have a parrot as a pet.