Помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение на английском на тему мой любимый вид спорта-хоккей (6 предложений). Очень срочно надо. Заранее спасибо!!!


  • In my country there are a lot of sports. Children and adults enjoy spending time doing different kinds of sports. As for me I am really keen on hockey. I have training twice a week and sometimes I play in it with my friend. As hockey is a winter kind of sport I can do it just on the hockey-ring. Also, I have a favorite hockey team and I enjoy watching their games on TV.
    So, in conclusion I'd like to say, that sport is very important in our live and we all have to find something, that we really like.
  • Most people don’t like hockey.  They think it’s not fun. No. They think it is boring. No.  I think it’s the most exciting sport.  They also say, “It’s too dangerous, there is too much gear,” and stuff like, “It’s too hard to do.” But I think hockey is the most exciting sport.

    Hockey is very fast. People say there are so many pads that makes hockey slow, but it’s really fast because you’re playing on ice that is as slick and smooth as the back of a snake.  For example, it’s almost impossible to see the puck because it moves so fast. One time Tyler Seguin accelerated past the Capitals defense and scored a pure speed goal to keep the Bruins season alive.

    Hockey is exceedingly unpredictable.  A player has to anticipate all the time.  For example, you are never sure what your opponent is going to do or where the puck is going to bounce. Also you never know how the refs going to call the game or how your coach wants to play. For example last night Brian Holtby took a shot from his own teammate and used his reflexes to make the save.

    Hockey is also very chaotic. You have to be alert and paying attention at all times. Especially when your coach is changing lines (changing players on ice). It gets even harder because you still have to play hockey. For example the Bruins three years ago got called for too many men on the ice. This is when a line change is messed up and there is too many players of one team on the ice. This  led to; too many men on the ice penalty and the game winning goal for the other team.

    Hockey is my favorite sport and I think everyone should play because it’s exceedingly unpredictable, very chaotic, and super fast. One time I had a moment where it was chaotic, fast, and unpredictable. It was the third period and my teammates stick broke and was lying in the middle of the ice while I had the puck. I was flying up the ice with breakaway and the the puck hit the stick lying on the ice and my breakaway was destroyed. On the next shift I scored a goal. This makes hockey the most exciting sport.