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  • It’s impossible to imagine our life without mass media. TV, radio, newspapers, magazines are everywhere. Around us all the time, they have a strong influence on our mood, feelings, ideas, attitudes to life and politics. But the mass media offer both advantages and disadvantages.Firstly, we always get the latest news, to say nothing of the fact that we can get everything we want from the internet in a few minutes. Secondly, weather forecasts can warn of different natural disasters; so the mass media help people to avoid harm and losses. Then, there is the possibility of having a good time: it’s wonderful to relax sitting in an armchair in front of the screen or reading some newspapers. Nowadays, lots of entertaining, female, musical and fashion magazines, and different TV and radio programs, help us to relax. But there are some drawbacks of the mass media.Sometimes I look at various newspapers and magazines, watch TV-news, and I suppose the main disadvantage of them is the amount of negative information they portray. Watching the news we learn primarily about wars, crimes, disasters and accidents. I find gossip another minus of the mass media... To cut a long story short, all the negative and false information can cause stress and a bad mood. And finally, TV and computers have a harmful effect on people. The majority of teenagers don’t read books and never visit theatres. I want to add that TV and computers can spoil one’s health.